Problems with Erectile Dysfunction

Today, puberty in boys is usually completed to 15-18 years. And since this age they begin to worry about issues relevant to men of all ages – the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED). There is no man who has not experienced this ailment, who at least once in his life had not had such a failure. Some think that it was a single mishap; others consider every such a case as a severe cause and prolonged depression. But few men know the reason why this unfortunate event actually happens to them.

Causes of the Ailment


Among the causes of ED there are several groups:

  • Psychological. Problems with potency in men most often arise from the neuro-emotional turmoil and experiences. Impotence, premature ejaculation, decreased libido, and so on – the true cause of all these disasters are related to the suppression of the nervous system and the deterioration of its work.
  • Urogenital diseases. At the heart of weak erection of the organic nature are ailments venous, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems, as well as damage to the genitals. Oftentimes, the reduction of the production of important male hormone testosterone also leads to the weakening of erection.
  • Lifestyle. Weak potency cause many negative factors of life of modern man – constant stress, poor diet, alcohol and cigarettes, obesity, and unprotected promiscuous sex, sedentary lifestyle, taking potent medicines and so on.

Oftentimes, impotence is triggered by the variety of reasons, which requires early curing and participation in the therapeutic process of several doctors of various specialties. Special attention in terms of reducing the erection should be given to men aged 50 years and older. These age groups of men included in the risk zone for serious diseases of the urinary and reproductive organs, including the prostate adenoma. And the health of the prostate depends relies directly upon erectile function of every man. This serious problem cannot be tolerated and refers to the personal account; the curing of ED should be done by and under the supervision of professionals.

The Summarizing

To lower the chance for occurrence of ED you may:

  • Sustain a healthy lifestyle; omit smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  • Any time you are going to take any preparation you should consult a physician.
  • Keep a regular sex life without long periods of abstinence and sexual excesses.
  • Tell your physician if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension.

Following these vital recommendations, you would almost definitely have a long and full of joy sexual life.

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